Conservatory Window Tinting v Blinds

We often get asked how Window Films compare to Blinds in conservatories.

The simple answer is conservatory window films out perform blinds on all levels.


Window film is applied directly to the glass blocking heat from entering the conservatory. Blinds sit back from the glass and allow the heat to enter and radiate into the room, soon making it unbearable to be in.


Window film cuts glare by 78% keeping the conservatory comfortable to be in and you never lose your view. Blinds have to be constantly opened and closed and when closed you can’t see out.

Dust & Flies:

Window film is polyester based and doesn’t gather dust, dirt or flies. Blinds are dust and fly traps which are hard to clean.

Conservatory Window Tinting

Window films win hands down in our opinion !!

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Privacy Window Film to Hospital

This Burton on Trent hospital has a new treatment centre that required privacy window film applying to give their patients some dignity.

Executive Window Films applied a white mat privacy window film giving total privacy.

We also offer a full range of window films including Security & Safety, One-way, Solar and Conservatory films.

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Lichfield, Ashby, Walsall, Stafford, Loughborough.

Hospital fitted with Privacy Window Film Burton-on-Trent

Window Film

This Nottingham based customer needed a solar reflective and privacy window film applying to their factory floor windows.

One-way silver reflective window films are fantastic at reducing glare and heat build up. Privacy window film gives total privacy both day and night.

Executive Window Films offers free site visits to show you the different window film options available and a no obligation quotation.

Covering all areas of the Midlands including, Burton, Derby, Leicester, Coventry and Birmingham.

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Privacy window film Nottingham

Fully Protected

Here at Executive Window Films we take great pride in making sure our customers homes are fully protected before we start work. 

This Birmingham based customer needed some solar control window film to protect their conservatory from excessive heat and glare. 

We applied a bronze tinted window film to match the wooden frames. 

Covering Derby, Birmingham, Nottingham, Coventry and the Midlands. 

We offer a full range of reflective, privacy, one-way and solar control window films and tints. 

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Residential Window Film

This Derby based customer has just built a lovely new home and wanted to protect her furnishings from UV rays, as well as needing to cut down glare and heat build-up.

Our window tinting company supplied and fitting a beautiful residential window film that reduced glare by 78% and UV rays by 99%.

Whenever there is a large expanse of glass, solar control window films can help to maintain the balance of comfort without blocking the view or the light.

Residential solar control window film Derby Residential window film Derby

Conservatory Window Tinting

Conservatories offer a great extra living space, but all too often they can become unbearable in the summer with excessive heat and glare.

Our dedicated conservatory window film reduces heat and glare by 72%, giving you back a light and airy room to enjoy.

Our window tinting services are second to none with over 27 years experience.

This Ashby based customer wanted a one-way reflective window film for privacy and heat reduction.

conservatory window tinting Ashby

Supermarket Window Film

A Derby supermarket required our window tinting services to reduce glare and heat.

This reflective window film is designed to cut glare yet still keep the premises bright and airy.

Commercial window tinting also helps to greatly reduce air-conditioning costs by cutting heat build-up through the glazing.

Supermarket fitted with our reflective window film in Derby

We also offer a dedicated film for conservatory window tinting and residential window films for all your needs.

Covering the Midlands including Loughborough, Ashby, Lichfield and Walsall.

Window Film for Schools

This school reception office in Stoke-on-Trent needed protection from the suns glare as the staff were being blinded and suffering headaches.

Due to the lack of access inside we fitted an exterior one-way film to allow the staff to see out but passer-byes not to see in.

Commercial window films are a cost-effective way to reduce heat and glare and save on energy bills.

Our window tinting company has over 27 years experience and all our fitters are employed directly by us, we don’t use any subcontractors.

school window film stoke-on-trent

school window film stoke-on-trent

We offer a full range of Security, Privacy and Conservatory window films.

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Solar Control Window Film

This Beautiful apartment overlooking a lake near Burton-upon-Trent required privacy and glare reduction.

The outside finish was in grey so we fitted our superb Infinity Neutral solar control window film to blend in seamlessly.

This particular film will reduce glare by 72% and offers excellent privacy from prying eyes.

Window tinting is an excellent and cost-effective way of controlling the suns heat and glare as well as adding a little style to your property.

window tinting Burton upon Trent

Executive Window Films offers a full range of window films for commercial, residential and office windows.

We cover the Midlands including Nottingham, Leicester, Birmingham and Coventry.