This customer had a beautiful canopy built, but the excessive heat & glare from the sun was making it unusable.

Executive Window Films fitted our specialist solar-reflective conservatory window film to solve the problem.   




The sun is set to full power for the next couple of weeks!!

Great for summer but no so good for conservatory owners.

Our brand new Infinity film will reduce solar gain by up to 78%, making it the perfect choice for conservatories. It will also reduce harmful UV rays by over 99% !

Call us today for a no obligation quotation and claim back your conservatory from the heat !

Privacy Window Film

Along with our full range of Solar Control and Safety window films, Executive Window Films also offer a range of Privacy window films.

We recently finish an installation that required a combination of Solar Control and Privacy to protect the production line and staff.



Its that time of year again when the sun is shining down on us, and all those with conservatories will know just how hot and unbearable they can become.

Don’t worry though as Executive Window Films are specialist in keeping conservatories cool and reducing glare.

We have a brand new film that can reject up to 78% of solar energy and reduce glare by a whopping 72% !!

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Anti-Glare Window Film

Just before Christmas Executive Window Films installed anti-glare window film to the frontage and reception of a well know Building Society.

Sun and glare were getting the better of the staff as they were struggling to see their computer screens and complaints of headaches.

This was another high-level application using a monkey lift to fit the anti-glare privacy film. For this particular job we had to apply the window tinting externally.

Once complete the window film looked superb and preformed excellently, no more glare or headaches!

Security Window Film

Executive Window Films has recently completed a 20,000 square foot installation of security film and safety film to a local leisure and events arena.

This was required as the main atrium is mainly glass and in the event of an explosion or accident could have caused serious injury to staff and visitors.

There was a lot of high-level glazing that required safety film – All our fitters are IPAF trained in the use of access equipment such as cherry pickers and scissor lifts.

After application of the window film, an anchor system was applied to the edges of the safety film to bond it to the frame making it even stronger a safer.