One-Way Window Film

One-way window films are great when you need that extra bit of privacy or security from prying eyes.

They work by allowing you to see out clearly, but from the outside, no one can see in!!

Silver window film is the most popular, but we also have a range of bronze and neutral films available.

This Cannock customer has a one-way film on the top of the windows and a full privacy window film on the bottom.

one-way window film Cannock

Privacy or frosted window films allow light to pass through them, but cannot be seen through from either direction.

Commercial Window Tinting

This customer in Cambridge had tills close to the windows that were giving both staff and customers problems due to the amount of sun and glare shining through.

A solar control window film was fitted to greatly reduce the effects of the sun. The staff said they were so happy it had been fitted and said it made a real difference.

Our window tinting company offers a full range of Privacy, Safety and Frosted window films – We have all your needs covered!

Solar control window film Cambridge

Commercial window tinting Cambridge

Reflective Window Film

Our customer in Tamworth had a showroom that was unbearable due to the amount of glare coming through the windows.

We applied a solar control window film which cut glare by a huge 78% !

This commercial window tinting solved all their issues with heat and glare reduction. Reflective window films work by reflecting the suns energy away from the windows keeping buildings cool.

Our window tinting service is available across the Midlands from Birmingham to Nottingham and Cannock to Chesterfield.

Window tints come in a range of shades and colours, we are happy to show you samples and conduct a free of charge site visit.

reflective window film Tamworth

Reflective, solar control window tinting offered across the Midlands

Anti-Glare Window Film

It seems we are having a very sunny start to the year with lots of sunshine and record temperatures for February!!

Unfortunately, this can cause a lot of unwanted heat & glare in homes and offices.

But don’t worry, here at Executive Window Films we have a solar-control window film to suit your needs.

We have specialist heat rejection films for conservatories, privacy window films for hospitals, solar-rejection residential window films and a full range of window films for commercial properties, schools and offices.

Executive Window Films covers the whole of the Midlands, including Burton, Derby, Nottingham, Lichfield, Tamworth, Coventry, Birmingham, Leicester and Walsall.

We can come along and do a site visit to measure your windows, offer recommendations and show you some samples.

Call us today and see what we can do for you 0800 566 8780.

anti-glare, solar control window film for conservatories, shops & offices

Conservatory Windows

Last year Mr T from Ashbourne had his conservatory roof fitted with a window film to reduce the amount of heat & glare.

Mr T was so impressed with the results he asked us back to fit the same solar control window film to the conservatories doors and windows.

conservatory solar control window film Ashbourne, Derbyshire

We offer free site visits to measure your windows and show you samples of our different films.

Covering all areas of the Midlands including, Derby, Burton upon Trent, Nottingham, Tamworth, Coventry, Lichfield, Loughborough, Stafford, Chesterfield, Walsall and Birmingham.

Residential Window Tinting.

Mrs B from Coventry required our window tinting company to apply a reflective, one-way, solar-control window film.

At the end of Mrs B’s garden a new building site was erecting 800 houses, some of which would look directly over her fence.

Our brief was to supply and fit residential window tinting film that would give Mrs B and her family some privacy, while reducing the amount of heat and glare created by the sun.

reflective window film Coventry

We recommended a bronze window film that allows plenty of light into the room but reflects 78% of solar-heat gain and offers excellent privacy.

residential window tinting Coventry

The bronze beautifully compliments the exterior brickwork and interior wooden floor.

bronze reflective window tinting Coventry

Commercial Window Tinting

It was so sunny in Nottingham this week we had to wear our sunglasses while fitting!!

Solar Control Window Film Nottingham

Across the Midlands the sun is shining bright causing problems for staff & customers in offices and shops.

We fitted a bronze solar control window film to this store to cut the glare and reduce heat.

Commercial window tinting can be a cost effective way to make your working environment more comfortable.

We cover the whole Midlands from Derby to Chesterfield and Tamworth to Birmingham.