Solar Control Window Film

Did you know that solar control window films can cut your energy bills by up to 20%!

And that buildings lose as much as 30% of their energy through inefficient windows.

As the sun streams in, air conditioning units work overtime.

The answer…

Solar control window films are a highly effective solution!

Professionally installed on building glass:

Blocking 99% of harmful UV rays solar control window film fitted in Birmingham, Derby & The Midlands

Reducing glare by 80%

Dramatically cutting heat buildup 

Saving up to 20% of energy costs

Enhance privacy & improve appearance 

Executive Window Films offers a full range of Technical, Sputtered and Nano-technology solar control window films to suit all needs for Residential, Commercial and Industrial glazing.

Offering free of charge site visits for advice, quotations and window film samples – we guarantee to have a window film to meet your requirements.

Solar Control Window Films Birmingham & the Midlands

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