We all love the sunshine at this time of the year, but when it’s streaming through the windows straight into your eyes it can make life very uncomfortable.

Be it residential, office or commercial window tinting you require, we can solve all your glare and light issues.

This retail store in Leicester was finding it difficult to man the tills without getting blinded by the sun.

Our window film company fitted a reflective window film cutting the glare in half.

refelective window film Leicester

refelective window film Leicester

Commercial Window Film

A Nottingham and Coventry retail customer had issues with too much glare coming through the windows making life difficult for the staff on the tills.

Executive Window Films were asked to fit a reflective window film to reduce glare and make working and shopping there more comfortable.

solar control film installation Coventry

The application of the window film had to be completed out of hours, so it was a very early start for our fitters!
reflective window film Nottingham

Merry Christmas

A very Merry Christmas to all our customers across the Midlands, from Derby to Nottingham, Birmingham to Leicester.


We hope you all have a very Happy New Year !!


Executive Window Films

Glare from Low Winter Sun

Its that time of year again when the low winter sun shines straight through the windows causing difficulties.

Executive Window Films has a range of solar-control and reflective window films that can block or reduce the glare.

The photo shows two samples of commercial window tinting, one dark, one medium tint for a customer based in Tamworth and Birmingham to test. The sun was so bright and direct that they choose the dark reflective window film for maximum glare reduction.

Office window tinting can make life much easier and more comfortable for staff. Theses one-way films offer great solar protection.

Solar control window films for reducing sun glare across Birmingham & the Midlands

You can see from the shadows on the wall how much the glare is reduced by.

Top: Dark Smoke

Middle: Medium Smoke

Bottom: No Film


Window Film Special Offers

Executive Window Films have some great offers on window film for November – Calls us now for a free no obligation quotation, we offer site visits to measure up and bring along samples for you to view.

There are many films to choose from to suit all your needs – Safety window films, Solar control window films, Privacy window films are some of our most popular.

This Derby based commercial customer had issues with glare and heat.

We fitted a Bronze Infinity window film to solve their issues.

Office window tinting can make the environment a much nicer place to work, no more glare reflecting off computer screens and maintaining a steady office temperature by reducing solar gain.

Bronze Infinity Window Film - Office Window Tinting to stop glare & reduce solar temperature gains